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LAKSS EUROPE LIMITED having extensive experience in recycling of Metal Scrap and Waste Tyres into Reusable Product. Lakss Europe Limited are suppliers of alternative fuels to Cement Manufacturing and Waste to Energy Plants all over the World. We provide Bulk or Container shipments of various alternative fuels and steel industries globally.

About Us

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Our mission is to cater to the needs of our clients as a one-stop solution provider, by being approachable, efficient and knowledgeable. Our vision includes:

Fulfilling demands of our clients and maintaining a long-term loyal relationship with the clients
Extending our reach to establish new collaborations with organizations and individuals to expand our client base. To be a trustworthy business partner to our clients and ensure professional service and excellence to meet their requirements.    

We provide various Products as per the Client Specification for different application usage like in Steel Furnaces, Aluminium Furnaces, Tyre Recyclers for Athletics Tracks, Building Insulation, Playground Surfaces, Brake Shoes, Rubber Mats, Tarred Roads, New Tyre and Sports Surfaces.